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Let’s Create Sustainable Iboga

Iboga is considered the world’s most powerful detox and spiritual exploration plant and nature’s most potent iboga-2addiction interrupter. Iboga and ibogaine treatments have been increasing at a rate of 65% per year and the iboga plant is under intense ecological pressure. Some reports claim that 90% of the wild iboga in its native habitats has disappeared. The best way to preserve future global access to this amazing medicine is to create international sustainable plantations.

Iboga is the most effective addiction treatment known to mankind, as well as an ancient physical and spiritual healing herb. It would be a tremendous loss to humanity if iboga propagation did not increase immediately.*¬† The result of inaction may be loss of access to this medicine, more expensive treatments and further devastation in it’s native African habitat. With your involvement we can help ensure iboga’s future availability and affordability for those who need it. This is an exciting global movement, and worldwide people who know of the amazing medicinal properties of this plant have started growing the small Tabernanthe Iboga tree. However, it can be difficult to propagate, and with its skyrocketing popularity and needing at least 4 years to mature, many more iboga farms are needed.

Increased global demand means that we must take steps to create an informed and conscientious international  growing community. The presence of sustainable iboga plantations may insure that iboga does not disappear in the wild and avoid the possibility of higher prices for treatment.

Iboga Care’s personal project is to start a farm in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an ideal location because iboga grows outdoors only in tropical environments. After reaching maturity this root bark will be used to resolve addictions as well as physical and emotional diseases for as many people as possible. With a successful harvest in 5-6 years we will donate root bark to practitioners treating patients who would otherwise not be able to afford treatment. Our vision is to create a plantation that is able to support itself enough so that the donation of root bark to those in need can continue without interruption. Part of the mission of Iboga Care is to support the conservation of African regions that produce iboga in the traditional manner. A a minimum of 5% of all proceeds, after expenses and taxes, will be donated to conservation efforts in Gabon. Another important part of our goal is to contribute encouragement, information and community to others interested in starting farms of their own in countries where it is legal to do so.

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*Please note that Tabernanth Iboga is illegal to use of grow in the U.S. We do not condone using or growing it in the U.S. There are certain legal conditions for attaining seedlings and seeds, it is currently illegal to export any iboga products from Gabon.