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100% natural rootbark

You can’t have Bwiti without Iboga, You can’t have Iboga without Bwiti.


Bwiti tradition the art of knowing and the study of life itself.


Iboga is a deeply healing plant originating from equatorial West Africa, specifically Gabon. Revered as the “Godfather of all Plant Medicines,” Iboga is unique in its capacity to facilitate physical healing, spiritual healing, and spiritual discovery. It embodies both masculine and feminine spirit, allowing it to adapt to the specific healing needs of each individual.


The term “Iboga” refers to the second layer of root bark found on the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub. This layer is preferred because it contains the highest concentration of active alkaloids.

Missoko Bwiti tradition

Delve into the sacred roots of the Missoko Bwiti tradition—a timeless practice passed down through generations by the original Pygmy (Babongo) people over 10,000 years ago. Unlike other branches of Bwiti that have been influenced by outside forces, Missoko Bwiti remains pure and untainted, preserving the true essence of this ancient spiritual path.


For the Bwiti Missoko people, Iboga and Bwiti are inseparable. As custodians of this sacred tradition, the Bwiti Missoko have safeguarded the knowledge of Iboga for millennia.


Now, in response to global challenges related to mental health, addiction, and personal trauma, the Bwiti Missoko leaders have chosen to share their wisdom with the world. This authentic tradition is being offered to a broader audience, providing an opportunity for healing and spiritual growth.


Bwiti isn’t a religious practice—it’s a journey of learning, living, and being. Rooted in southern Gabon, Bwiti represents the study of life itself—an ancient art that holds the key to profound transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

Trained Provider

The Provider – Graduation endorsement from the teacher Moughenda 10 th generation Shaman:


“Ikalu stands out as a remarkable individual in Moughenda’s village, embodying his name’s essence by having the unique ability to turn adverse situations into positive outcomes, thanks to his creative intellect. Overcoming a history of addiction well before his encounter with Iboga, he has become one of the exceptionally gifted students, distinguished by an extraordinary learning capacity. His efforts were recognized at graduation, where he received high honors along with special commendation from the jury for the Iboga Provider Training.”